Reverse Microwave Technology – Chill Your Drinks in Seconds

by admin on November 10, 2013

Reverse Microwave TechnologyMicrowaves truly revolutionized the process of cooking. And now, they are all set to do the very opposite, i.e. instant cooling! The reverse microwave technology, as it is termed, can chill drinks in as quick as 45 seconds. This is indeed a big step over refrigerators, which could chill food items, albeit a long wait. But with the quick cooling provided by the next-generation reverse microwaves, you can expect to chill sodas, soft and fizzy drinks and even juices within a matter of seconds.

If you are wondering that the quality of your drinks may get altered due to this process, there is no need to worry. The reverse microwave is specially designed to chill down drinks in all forms and quantities from room temperature to about 4 degrees in a few seconds, without disturbing their content or quality. Plus, there is no danger of carbonization either!

The new microwave has been developed by V-Tex with the help of research funding from the European Union. Its instant cooling mechanism works with the help of a collapsed Rankine cooling vortex that simply spins the drink around. The start-stop rotation spins the drink quickly around twin axes in water. This helps to retain the drink in its original state while achieving instant cooling as desired.  What’s more, the quick cooling provided by the reverse microwave consumes 20% less energy than any other standard chiller!

Need to entertain surprise guests or feel like cooling-off with a sip of your favorite soda or juice? Just put your drink in the reverse microwave for a few seconds and raise a toast of cheer!

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