Latest Phenomena of Responsive Websites in Dubai

by admin on October 31, 2013

What is a Responsive Website and Why Do You Need It?

So, you designed your business website a few years ago. When you look at it now and compare it with the websites of your competitors, you have a strong feeling at the back of your mind that something is a-miss. Maybe it lacks the ‘wow’ factor or perhaps it is not as easy to navigate as you thought it would be or perchance, it doesn’t look ‘modern’ enough to grab your potential customers’ attention! Truth is, you know that a lot has happened in the digital world since you designed your website – new trends have taken over old styles, new functionality features have succeeded old-school design ideas and new products and service features have been introduced. But your old website is lacking all that and is therefore not attracting customers who are looking for something new and fresh. In other words, despite so many developments, innovations and changes, your website has remained the same.   Needless to say, it is not fetching any hits either! This is when you need to rethink your digital marketing strategy and give your old website a brand new makeover through a responsive web design.

There are several reasons why responsive websites in Dubai are in so much demand. For one, they are at par with changing times and therefore appeal to the taste of modern consumers. With the help of a good responsive web design company in Dubai, you can not only attract target audiences but also stimulate them to engage and interact with your business. By redesigning your website, it can also help you receive those client calls and customer queries that you had been waiting for.

In keeping with the present times, many companies designing responsive websites in Dubai also develop mobile friendly websites that can be accessed by users on their smart phones and tablets, on-the-go. Mobile-friendly websites with attractive and professional design and easy navigation features indeed take digital marketing to a whole new level and ensure that your business is accessible to your customers anytime, anywhere!

With the estimated number of smartphone and tablets sales around the world predicted cross the 100 million figure by the end of this year, responsive web design has become a necessity. Quintessentially, such web design makes use of “media queries” to determine what screen resolution would best fit the content that is being served – on the device that is being used for the purpose. With a responsive website design that integrates flexible graphics and fluid grids to correctly re-size the content so that it fits any screen, one can rest assured that any information would open on a thousand different variety of screens and would be available to potential users, no matter what digital medium they use!

While redesigning your website, professional website designers will use modern templates to organize all randomly scattered information on your old website in a concise and professional manner. This will help your online visitors to easily locate what they were looking for and will thus consequently give your web traffic a significant boost.

Apart from a suitable and well organized template, responsive websites also have fresh and up-to-date content. With the help of a responsive website design company, you can add new and relevant information on your website and make it appealing both for your target users as well as search engine spiders. Remember, you can only earn money from your website when it is highly optimized for search engine rankings and pulls massive online traffic.

With a responsive design, not just your website but also your balance sheet will get a whole new makeover! By taking care of all aspects of online presence – from the design and layout to content, interlinking and navigation and even search engine optimization, a good responsive web design company in Dubai can give your online business a fresh new head start.

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