Light powered screen to provide never-ending battery life to digital devices

You are in the middle of a very important phone call when your mobile’s battery conks off. Not an uncommon scenario, is it? And for some reason, it is only when you need your phone to be fully charged-up that it actually dies out, leaving you rather ‘handicapped’. Well, it might just be a coincidence of mischance, but it is for that fraction of a moment that you wish your mobile had full (or at least some) battery. After all, a switched-off Smartphone is not smart at all, no matter how sleek, robust or expensive it is! The same is true for most other smart devices that have now become an intrinsic part of our lives.

Thank God for hi-tech evolution, very soon in the future you need not worry about your phone’s battery dying out – because it won’t, courtesy the revolutionary WYSIPS (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface) technology. This photovoltaic technology converts solar energy as well as energy received from artificial light sources into useful electricity and semi-conductors, which can be used to charge-up your Smartphone. WYSIPS technology actually employs light-collecting crystals in the form of light powered screens that can be easily installed beneath or on top of a number of digital devices. What’s even better – such solar powered screens can be installed not just on mobile phones but also on other devices such as tablets and smart watches! This crystal component of WYSIPS is over 90% transparent and is therefore almost invisible to the naked sight. So while these light powered screens would keep our digital devices always on, they would not hamper the look or functionality of these gadgets.

While the use of solar energy to generate electricity is not a new phenomenon, the very idea that our much-desired devices such as mobiles, watches and tablets will have light powered screens with never ending battery life is something we would all eagerly wait to materialize. What’s more, thanks to WYSIPS, we can pass on technology to any screen or window, transforming almost any surface into a source of energy!

The early prototypes of these light powered screens have shown a fair rate of success with 10 minutes of exposure to light adding four minutes of battery life. SunPartner Group, a French manufacturing company specializing in solar NETs (New Energy Technologies) is working on WYSIPS. The special light powered screens that it has come up with are a result of bonding a thin layer of photovoltaic material onto a network of micro-lenses in order to create a thin and transparent sheet. This screen, when installed in a smart device, does not disrupt any of its features – be it readability, angle, view, contrast or luminosity.

From its features and specifications, it does seem that WYSIPS can be a milestone in the world of technology. With the confidence that light powered screens would be a global success, SunPartner Group has signed a deal to help smart device manufacturers use this technology in their future gadgets.

From checking emails to booking flight tickets, from watching live sports to transferring money internationally, from chatting with friends to online shopping and from checking weather forecasts to playing exciting games – our smart devices truly bear the yoke of our ‘smart living’. With WYSIPS technology, the battery life as well as the future of the next generation gadgets indeed looks promising!

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