iPad Stands in Dubai for Exhibitions, Showrooms & Shopping Malls

Tablets Spearhead the Digital Signage Revolution

 iPad Stands Dubai, UAEiPad stands in Dubai have become a regular requirement for malls, hospitals, metro stations and airports to restaurants, retail outlets and schools. It is impossible to miss out these modular units displaying marketing content. This only reinforces one saying – all good things come in small packages!

Gone are the days of big hoardings and traditional advertising techniques. With the advancement of digital media, modern consumers want quick, effective and on-the-go information on their fingertips – and for this, what could be a better medium of communication than an iPad! Contrary to popular opinion that the small display of tablet may be inadequate for widespread marketing, it seems that the iPad is just as effective, if not more, as compared to its predecessors, especially the big flat screens. There is little wonder then that iPads (and even android-based tablet units) are joining the league of effective digital signage mediums. And not just for the purpose of digital signage and marketing, these tablets are also being popularly used for presentations and consumer surveys and are a common sight at exhibitions and showrooms.

iPads are a Better Digital Signage Medium

 Here are a few reasons why tablets have become a preferable marketing medium for the deployment of digital messages:

  • The provide ‘commercial grade’ display, which is available 24x7x365
  • They are considerably less expensive to buy and install as compared to any other same-size commercial stand-alone display.
  • They are highly mobile and can be carried around easily. They can even fit in small spaces such as at the back of a train, plane or taxi seat.
  • With their built-in Wi-Fi systems, they do not require network cabling
  • They have extended battery life (even when no external power is available)
  • They come in a variety of sizes, starting from Apple’s iPad mini with a 7.9-inch display Viewsonic’s Android-based tabs that go up to 28 inches.
  • They can be accessed remotely to push digital signage content on multiple tablets with access to the Internet.

A tablet meets all the requirements of digital signage hardware and is a convenient all-in-one package, available in a best-fit size for robust marketing in restricted spaces. The easy installation factor gives iPads and tablets an ace over other digital signage mediums, especially chunky flat-screens. They can be mounted on specially designed, modular iPad stands that occupy very little space and are easy to install.

iPad stands in Dubai

RSI Geeks is one of the leading companies that manufacture and supply robust and flexible iPad stands in Dubai. Available in a variety of styles, these iPad stands can be installed at a variety of commercial spaces.

From engaging iPad kiosks to sleek floor stands and from wall, desk and counter-top units to flexible tablet stands for car, stage or home use – we bring you a wide range of iPad stands, suited to your specific digital signage requirement and space allowance. 

As a leading iPad stands supplier in Dubai, we put a lot of thought while designing our stands in order to make them fully functional and compatible in a variety of environments, including exhibitions and showrooms. Some of the characteristic features of our brand of iPad stands include:

  • Wide range of styles- floor standing, wall-mounted, desktop/table-top models
  • Made-to-order design
  • Customizable access to controls and inputs
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Integral cable management
  • Branding with full color-print on the iPad stand units wherever applicable
  • Custom finish and color

Smart, convenient and economical, RSI Geeks’ iPad stands are truly an asset in the digital signage requirement. Plus, these stands help to create an effective and interactive display that further helps you to engage your valued customers and audiences.

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